Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cyprus Tourism Vs Spanish Tourism

Today, the Spanish ministry of Tourism has announced that the summer season closed with an increase of 4% in foreign tourism arrivals and overnights. Tourism represents 10% of the Spanish GDP and the news presenter of TVE named it “OUR TOURISM”.

Now, here in the all year round island, where love is in the air, the Minister announced an increase of 0,7% from last year, (only on arrivals, no data available for overnights) the CyBC whenever they mention Tourism they never say OUR, they do not feel it as our so they never say it (I guess this is the reason).

Why Spain had a 4% increase (on 47 million arrivals) and Cyprus only 0,7% ? My opinion is because:
1. In Spain regional tourism boards work hard and compete with each other in a natural and healthy way. In Cyprus regionalism is inexistent and when it comes to competition is everything else but healthy. All regions want a Marina and Golf courts… so stupid.

2. In Spain the hoteliers are united against outside threats like the abuse of Thomas Cook, in Cyprus Thomas Cook abuse did not even hit the media and this makes me think that Thomas Cook “bought hotelier silence”. By the way, I am wondering how much money the semi-god Thomas Cook took from the Cyprus Tourism Organisation as “advertisement fees” this year? But this is going to be our next subject…

3. In Spain tourism Marketing is innovative, it shows the way. In Cyprus Tourism Marketing has expired long ago and lost its way.

4. In Spain “the product” has given its protagonism to the end user. In Cyprus the actors got old and forgot their lines. The end user is still waiting to get a comfortable seat.

5. In Spain heritage is the most important, in Cyprus we hide our heritage behind cheap politics and bad, really bad street signage.

6. In Spain tradition has a trade mark, in Cyprus we have betrayed our tradition.

7. In Spain authenticity is natural, In Cyprus authenticity is marginal.

8. In Spain Tourism has a conscious , In Cyprus Tourism has fallen unconscious.

9. In Spain collaboration is real, In Cyprus corruption is real.

10. In Spain they learn from mistakes, In Cyprus we do no mistakes.

I could list 100 reasons but I do not want to make you more tired.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Cyprus tourism is cheap, objective achieved.

Triumph of Cyprus Tourism, the Minister of Trade industry and Tourism announces an increase of 0.7%. In real numbers Cyprus has received 9617 (nine thousand six hundred and seventeen) more visitors for the same period of January until August, last year (2009).

Cyprus tourism has suffered a lot from the economic crisis basically due to the extraordinary well established tourism policy that includes the destruction of all authentic Cypriot Hospitality elements, the abandonment of Cyprus Marketing to third parties like tour operators and smoke-promise givers who understand how states work and how can they absorb funds, and due to the struggle of the stakeholders to keep the prices below Turkey and Egypt in order to gain market share. At the end Cyprus managed to have an increase of 9617 passengers, the effort was worth it, we are Cheap, we are the cheapest we are the best and on top we achieved a whole 0.7% increase in times of crisis. Well done.

I would like to congratulate everyone for this great achievement, I would like to give my sincere congratulations to those who managed to have the cheapest fish and chips, the cheapest milkshakes, the cheapest beer, the cheapest cocktails. I would like to thank all those who contributed in getting the reputation of a cheap destination. I am sorry I cannot put down the names of all I would like to thank because then it will take pages and probably someone will recognise his or her name and take me to court for libel. Anyway they all know who they are, we know who they are.

Well done guys…. What is next ? I cannot wait to listen to your new plans, I hope they at least as good as the old ones.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

In memory of Peter Schlatter

Today, 2nd of September 2010, I have received the update in my email inbox from the Les Roches Alumni website. As always I wend through the email and at bottom of it I saw the announcement that Mr. Peter Schlatter has passed away last June the 6th at the age of 62.

In 1992 when I first arrived in Bluche after serving my military service in Cyprus and I had the first contact with the school and its Principal, I felt that my military service did not end. I was neither surprised nor disappoint to be honest, I thought that I could make it through since discipline was nothing too hard for me to follow.

The presence of Peter Schlatter every morning, smoking his pipe, at the school lobby to see all students climbing up the stairs for the classes made me feel that all the money my family will spend will worth it. The feeling of control and safety was there.

Three years afterwards I found myself working with Mr. Schlatter as stagier and later as personnel of the school. I am very graefull to Mr. and Mrs. Schlatter for the enormous trust they deposited on me during my work in Les Roches and all the support I have had from them.

It was then when I discovered the other Mr. Schlatter, caring, very methodical, very organised, friendly and with a great sense of humour. Peter Schlatter has always accepted me in his office with seriousness and professionalism, with a good word and always with care.

I consider Mr. Schlatter as one of my mentors and I would like to express my most sincere condolences to his close family and all the Les Rosches – Bluche people all over the world. As we say in Greek “Let the soil that will cover him be light”.

Thank you Peter Schlatter for being there for us.

Petros Mavros (winter 94)