Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dinning out in Pafos, Genesis Steak House is the place

If you are looking for a good steak in Pafos you need to contact Genesis Steak House. Jack Koufetas (Iakovos) has been for the last 30 years serving the best steaks you ever tried. Tradition and homemade food in combination with the “old” hospitality habits will make dinner unforgettable.

I strongly recommend a rare pepper steak served with the fresh organic veggies picked from Jack’s garden, accompanied by a red wine from the low mountains of Pafos (why not a Shiraz of Tsangarides Winery) and as desert you need to try Alice’s Pourekia (Goat fresh cheese fritters with honey).
The only way to taste it, is visiting the place.

Contact Jack and book a Table.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Minister of Finance of Cyprus foresees closing of Cyprus airways. Hahaha he is a prophet...!!

Οnce upon a time there was a small country in the Mediterranean called republic of Cyprus. This country thought that it was the superpower and therefore created two huge airlines to fly its corrupteted politicians and their followers for holidays, business and pleasure. Well then the dream went down the drain; suddenly the global financial crisis uncovered the corruption. Left, right, centre and whatever other politicians jump out of the airplanes to blame each other. Well Cypriots are not stupid, we all know that the boards of directors of Cyprus Airways were gaining votes and favour by putting people to work in the airline. We all know that they were involved in commissions even for purchasing peanuts, we all know that the airlines (Eurocypria and Cyprus Airways) were another stage for some politicians to get the lights on them.

Yesterday the new board of directors presented the salvation plan to the parliament with the presence of the Minister of Finance who said that the 20 million needed to be paid immediately do not really guarantee the feasibility of the airline. We have someone to blame, Turkey is the one to blame, Turkey breaking all the rules and all the norms of the EU does not let Cypriot planes fly over its airspace and obliges the pilots to fly around it and spend more time and fuel to reach the destinations (especially the ones in the ex Soviet Union). My question is simple. Did we know that ? We did, it is happening since 1974. Now, instead of having a strict unmovable business plan that included this risk we had an airline that knew very well how to spend. Trips and traps were organised, fam trips and trips for fun were made. Salaries that were paid to people who had less productivity than a carrot, salaries paid  to directors who were managing by not walking around. Now we are called as citizens to pay from our pockets all these corruption. Well I will not, they can come and arrest me.

Next May 2011 we will be called to vote for the parliament, well again I will not go and I hope that more will follow.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Experience Grand Resort Limassol

GrandResort Limassol Cyprus
We are in Limassol having a great training seminar with the middle management team of one of the most important 5 star hotels of the town and of Cyprus.

The Grand Resort Limassol, formerly known as Hawaii Grand Resort is at this moment closed for minor refurbishment. The ownership and the management of the hotel decided to sign up the staff of the hotel to the Training program supplied by the Higher Hotel Institute of Cyprus, a training program sponsored by the EU Cohesion Fund and the republic of Cyprus.

Today, we are dealing with Marketing and Online Marketing trends.

I would like to thank Marios (HR Manager), Kiki (Executive Housekeeper), Pavlos (Frond Office Manager), Aristos ( Reservations Manager) and Antonis (Purchasing Manager).

The experience for me as trainer is simply fantastic, thank you all for your active participation.
(Thank you for the picture)