Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One of the fathers of Greek Tourism dies at the age of 90

No,  we are not talking about a travel agent or a hotelier in Greece. We are talking about the Greek of Cypriot origin film director Micheal Kakogiannis.

Kakogiannis’ 8th film “Zorba the Greek” created not only a “cultural phenomenon that transcended filmmaking” (according to the New York Times), but it was the major image builder for the Greek character and culture in the fifties.

Zorba the Greek was probably the first “tourist marketing film” for Greece and the one that lasted for ever. Greece had to wait until Mama Mia musical in 2008 to live again the impact of film making in tourism.

This makes me wonder if there is any better way to promote a destination. Barcelona could not have a better exposure and better marketer than Woody Allen. The “Vicky Christina Barcelona” film gives makes you wanting to take the plane after the lights of the cinema go on. New Zealand has built a whole tourist product and destination after the “Lord of the rings” and proved to be sustainable, profitable and have a growing trend.

Instead of printing huge advertisements in football pitches destinations and tourism organizations could fund culture and through culture they will defiantly get more exposure. Is not the same seeing a banner while Messi marks a goal and watching the whole plot of a film of Woody Allen or Quentin Tarandino taking place in the narrow roads of Lofou or Pafos center. But this is maybe at this time would sound like  “Pulp Fiction” to some ears.